Friday, 8 August 2014

Uncontrolled Mass Something Or Other

Mass immigration is destroying areas of our inner cities, forcing out those who are born and bred there. They make little effort to integrate, hanging around in their own bars, menacing people on street corners. They’re filthy, pissing and vomiting all over our streets Indigenous young people are left with few opportunities, left dislocated from their communities by multiculturalism. It seems as if even local government is on their side, giving money to their strange cultural projects rather than our own young people. We barely recognise our own home town any more.

How do we deal with white people moving back into London? This is the question posed by Pauline Pearce. I don’t think she’s a racist, she’s raising reasonable concerns about the impact of uncontrolled internal migration, contributing to that open and honest debate we're constantly told we need to have. It is hard to work out what could be done, given the commitment to free movement throughout the United Kingdom currency area. It should be relatively simple, when an area improves, house prices go up, and people can move if they want to, making a shitload of money in the process. When most of the residents don’t own property, however, the merciless logic of gentrification becomes a bit tricker to deal with. If your incentives are this badly misaligned, why not break a few windows?

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